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Platelet Rich Plasma is a procedure that is scientifically proven. Using your own plasma, rich in growth factors, combined with micro-needling, we stimulate tissue regeneration and hence rejuvenation.

The result is new skin, rejuvenated with enhanced elasticity and collagen. Firmer, more buoyant and fresher.

Only £240 per treatment, with discount when booking a course of 3.

Platelet Rich Plasma
The "Vampire facial"

Platelet Rich Plasma
Female Model

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is your insurance against ageing.

PRP is a natural regenerative treatment, not the same as a corrective treatment, and takes place  over time.  


With the correct technique, growth factors thicken the skin, hiding defects such as dark circles, blemishes, rosacea.

PRP is an advanced, cutting edge therapy utilising growth factors present in the alpha granules of platelets, in an autologous manner.

A blood sample drawn from one of your veins, is placed in a centrifuge and spun until the plasma has separated from the cellular element. the plasma is then withdrawn for use.

The plasma is rich in platelets which contain growth factors that can then be applied to face or scalp to regenerate new tissue growth.

The results are an improved skin texture and tone; increased skin thickness and vitality; refinement of lines and age spots; reduced dark circles; hydration and reduction of scars.

For the scalp treatments, hair follicles are stimulated, promoting new hair growth and an answer to the thinning hair that often accompanies ageing.

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