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Hair loss is a distressing condition that is particularly prevalent with increasing age. As hair thins, falls out or changes colour, many will experience anxiety. There are many contributing factors to hair thinning and loss. By age 50, ~50% of all men and women will experience significant hair loss. Hair loss is ongoing from around age 30, but is not particularly noticeable until later in life. Hair growth is strongly regulated by hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and thyroxine. Hair growth is dependent upon stem cells found in the hair follicle. These cells retain the capability to replicate and create more hair growth. There are 3 phases of the growth cycle. The growth phase or anagen phase is a period of varying duration and for head hair is between 2 and 8 years. This means that a single head hair is expected to grow for between 2 and 8 years. The catagen phase follows during which the hair is receding from the hair bulb toward the surface of the scalp. The telogen phase is the rest phase, during which the stem cell population is semi quiescent. Hormones can influence the hair cycle. For example dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, shortens the anagen phase and promotes catagen and telogen phases. If you are programmed to produce an excess of DHT you may experience increased hair loss, and this can be reversed by hormone manipulation and supplements or medications. Hair growth accelerators include treatments which improve the delivery of nutrients to the hair bulb. Medications such as Minoxidil extends anagen phase, and slows hair loss by creating more blood flow to the hair bulb. Microneedling stimulates hair growth by awakening semi quiescent stem cells. Plasma treatments utilise application of growth factors to follicle stem cells and when used in combination with microneedling can be very effective for hair growth. The techniques involve taking a sample of blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to promote separation of the cellular component from plasma. Plasma forms fibrin at these centrifuge speeds and this forms a framework for platelets which are rich in growth factors. Injection into the scalp brings growth factors and stem cells together and stimulates development of hair follicle and hair growth. Combination of microneedling, plasma and Minoxidil treatments can be even more effective and can recover hair growth from dead zones. 

Botulinum neurotoxin injections inhibit acetylcholine release from nerve endings. When injected into the scalp blood flow and delivery of nutrients increase with beneficial effect on hair growth. 

At Dr Fiona Plus we offer full hair assessment, hormone assay and metabolic tests in order to determine the most effective individualised plan for each client. Our clinics are usually held on Wednesdays and Fridays at Bien Laser Clinic in Irby. At Bien Laser clinic we work closely with Bien Hair (which has salons in Upton and Irby) where you will find the most effective volumising hair styling to compliment your hair growth treatment.

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