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Bio-identical Hormones for Health and Balance

Restore your youthful balance with bio-identical hormones

Bio-identical HRT is a "different mindset approach" to health and well being, when natural hormones decline. 

Hormones have far reaching effects on many organ systems.  Replacing like for like, using naturally sourced (yams) hormones tweaked to make them identical to human hormones, in physiological doses, monitored by both symptom control and blood assay, we aim to minimise symptoms of the menopause and andropause, optimising balance and wellbeing, and promoting ongoing health.

This is preventative medicine.

This approach cares for cardiovascular, bone, urinary tract and mental health.

This programme is suitable for both men and women, physiologically replenishing hormones that decline with age and thus restoring a youthful balance for health and well being.


Full consultation £180

Hormonal blood test £160

Dr Fiona Aesthetics Plus Bio-Identical Hormones
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What are bio-identical hormones and what are the costs?

Bio-identical hormones are derived from natural plant sources, are identical to your own hormones and specially compunded to your needs.

Following an in-depth consultation and appropriate blood assay you will be issues with a personal prescription tailored to your specific needs.

Your hormone treatment will be in the form of a cream. patch, lozenge or capsule and you will be directed to the Specialist Pharmacist for your purchase.

You will be monitored by a series of telephone and face to face consultations and screening tests to ensure prime efficacy and safety.

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