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Dr Fiona is proud to announce that she has teamed with Get Harley and is now offering complimentary medical skincare plans to all her patients.
Aesthetic treatments have limited effectiveness without good skin and as there is such a wide range of products on the market this new approach will make it easier to find cost effective products personalised to you. Skincare that is backed by science will enhance your aesthetic outcomes and promote ongoing improvements. We have access to the exciting and refreshingly different Meder skincare range that focuses on your skin microbiome

and the Epionce brand that works to repair a leaky skin barrier, suppresses inflammation and increases skin cell turnover for regeneration and renewal. 

We have stocked the best selling brands and the most popular products to ensure client satisfaction.

Forget a prolonged and complicated regimen, our practice is to recommend between 1 and 3 products per person as more than this is counterintuitive and largely unnecessary.

If we address the basics and use combination therapies we can all look forward to beautiful results and beautiful skin. 

So don't get harrassed....Get Harley!

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